MBS RECAP: Bonds Hold Steady Despite Big Ticket Events

MBS RECAP: Bonds Ignore Stocks to Hold Steady on The Week. August 18, 2018. it’s not as if bonds are making big moves in the bigger picture. If bonds aren’t moving, perhaps we can find something interesting to say about something that IS moving and that usually has an effect on bonds.

By Matthew Graham Posted To: mbs commentary 10yr yields ended the week at almost exactly where they began. With the exception of Tuesday, bonds closed within 1.5bps of each other on the other 4 days this week. Tuesday was only 2bps higher and gave way to an overnight rally that restored the range anyway!

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) – The European Central Bank says that challenges to financial stability in the eurozone have risen amid global trade tensions, and warns that indebted governments such as Italy could run into trouble if they don’t heed rules limiting debt and deficits.

Our assumption is that the Conference Board’s consumer confidence index will hold steady at a strong level in the latest month.. and up to $500 billion in mortgage-backed securities.. one of the reasons that private-label MBS was able to expand so rapidly in 2005 and 2006 despite a.

MBS RECAP: Bonds Rally Amid Quiet Year-End Trading . mortgagenewsdaily.com There were no significant economic reports today, no major headlines, and no other events that prompted movement in bond markets. As is often the case on the last day of the year, there were just a handful of traders and computer programs making last minute.

In certain circles, much was made of overnight news that the Bank of Japan would be buying fewer bonds. That’s about as far as most news stories delved into the topic, despite it being more. and.

What is title insurance, and is it required? For the most part, a lender requires a mortgage title insurance policy (paid as part of your closing cost). This type of policy will solely protect the lender’s investment in the property you’ve just purchased. The difference between a lender’s title insurance policy and an.

The Hold Steady: You may think we're uncool, but Harry Potter. – The Hold Steady have made four lavishly acclaimed albums, supported their heroes The Rolling Stones and received a glowing testimony from Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, who recently called.

Rising Mortgage Rates Thorn in Otherwise Rosy Conditions for Home Buyers – Research On the home front, there have been shock election results. The business lobby, meanwhile, continues to run a vocal campaign for the abolition of penalty rates and reduced working conditions. Back.Buying a home? Act fast: Freddie Mac says rates will rise In effect, it also meant they were lying to the court-an act that could get a lawyer disbarred or even prosecuted. “There’s no question that it’s pervasive,” says Tom. of Fannie and Freddie. Fannie.New Home Applications Soar as Mortgage Rates Plummet Sales of new, single-family homes decreased to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 593,000 in January. had expected an increase in sales based on both rising mortgage purchase applications from.

MBS RECAP: Bonds Scratch Out Victory Despite Headwinds Posted To: MBS Commentary Had it not been for a fairly abrupt sell-off in stocks (the first big day of losses in 2018, and the biggest open-to-close sell-off since late August for some major averages), there’s no guarantee that bonds would have ended the day stronger.